Commit e38e903b authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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Make it compile with latest ssreflect master

The changes are probably necessary because rewrite now tries harder not to
instantiate evars, which it always said it would not do.
parent eb956943
......@@ -194,11 +194,13 @@ Section heap.
with N heap_name {[ l := Excl v1 ]}; simpl; eauto 10 with I.
rewrite HPΦ{HPΦ}; apply sep_mono_r, forall_intro=> h; apply wand_intro_l.
rewrite -assoc discrete_valid; apply const_elim_sep_l=> ?.
rewrite -(wp_cas_suc_pst _ (<[l:=v1]>(of_heap h))) ?lookup_insert //.
rewrite -(wp_cas_suc_pst _ (<[l:=v1]>(of_heap h))) //;
last by rewrite lookup_insert.
rewrite /heap_inv alter_singleton insert_insert.
rewrite -!(map_insert_singleton_op h); try by eapply heap_singleton_inv_l.
rewrite -!of_heap_insert const_equiv;
last (split; [naive_solver|by eapply map_insert_valid, cmra_valid_op_r]).
rewrite -!of_heap_insert const_equiv; last first.
{ split; last by eapply map_insert_valid, cmra_valid_op_r.
eexists; rewrite lookup_insert; naive_solver. }
apply sep_mono_r, later_mono, wand_intro_l. by rewrite left_id -later_intro.
End heap.
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