Commit d9d67406 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Adapt adequacy of total weakest preconditions to use adequacy of fupd.

parent 71cd889a
From iris.program_logic Require Export total_weakestpre adequacy.
From iris.algebra Require Import gmap auth agree gset coPset list.
From Require Import big_op fixpoint.
From iris.base_logic.lib Require Import wsat.
From iris.proofmode Require Import tactics.
Set Default Proof Using "Type".
Import uPred.
......@@ -99,18 +98,15 @@ Proof.
iApply (twptp_app [_] with "[IH']"); [by iApply "IH'"|by iApply "IH"].
Notation world σ := (wsat ownE state_interp σ [])%I.
Lemma twptp_total σ t : world σ - twptp t - sn erased_step (t, σ).
Lemma twptp_total σ t :
state_interp σ [] - twptp t ={}= sn erased_step (t, σ).
iIntros "Hw Ht". iRevert (σ) "Hw". iRevert (t) "Ht".
iApply twptp_ind; iIntros "!#" (t) "IH"; iIntros (σ) "(Hw&HE&)".
iApply twptp_ind; iIntros "!#" (t) "IH"; iIntros (σ) "Hσ".
iApply (pure_mono _ _ (Acc_intro _)). iIntros ([t' σ'] [κ Hstep]).
rewrite /twptp_pre uPred_fupd_eq /uPred_fupd_def.
iMod ("IH" with "[% //] Hσ [$Hw $HE]") as ">(Hw & HE & % & Hσ & [IH _])".
iApply "IH". by iFrame.
iMod ("IH" with "[% //] Hσ") as (->) "[Hσ [H _]]".
by iApply "H".
End adequacy.
Theorem twp_total Σ Λ `{invPreG Σ} s e σ Φ :
......@@ -120,11 +116,9 @@ Theorem twp_total Σ Λ `{invPreG Σ} s e σ Φ :
stateI σ [] WP e @ s; [{ Φ }])%I)
sn erased_step ([e], σ). (* i.e. ([e], σ) is strongly normalizing *)
intros Hwp.
eapply (soundness (M:=iResUR Σ) _ 1); iIntros "/=".
iMod wsat_alloc as (Hinv) "[Hw HE]". specialize (Hwp Hinv).
rewrite uPred_fupd_eq in Hwp; iMod (Hwp with "[$Hw $HE]") as ">(Hw & HE & Hwp)".
iDestruct "Hwp" as (Istate) "[HI Hwp]".
iApply (@twptp_total _ _ (IrisG _ _ _ Hinv Istate) with "[$Hw $HE $HI]").
by iApply (@twp_twptp _ _ (IrisG _ _ _ Hinv Istate)).
intros Hwp. apply (soundness (M:=iResUR Σ) _ 2); simpl.
apply (fupd_plain_soundness _)=> Hinv.
iMod (Hwp) as (stateI) "[Hσ H]".
iApply (@twptp_total _ _ (IrisG _ _ _ Hinv stateI) with "Hσ").
by iApply (@twp_twptp _ _ (IrisG _ _ _ Hinv stateI)).
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