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slightly weaken axioms so we can match Iron

parent b9ba5332
......@@ -292,8 +292,11 @@ Module linear2. Section linear2.
[cinv_own] but we do not need that. They would also have a name matching
the [mask] type, but we do not need that either.) *)
Context (gname : Type) (cinv : gname PROP PROP) (cinv_own : gname PROP).
(** [cinv_alloc] delays handing out the [cinv_own] token until after the
invariant has been created so that this can match Iron by picking
[cinv_own γ := fcinv_own γ 1 ∗ fcinv_cancel_own γ 1]. *)
Hypothesis cinv_alloc : E,
fupd E E ( γ, cinv_own γ ( P, P - fupd E E (cinv γ P)))%I.
fupd E E ( γ, P, P - fupd E E (cinv γ P cinv_own γ))%I.
Hypothesis cinv_access : P γ,
cinv γ P - cinv_own γ - fupd M1 M0 ( P cinv_own γ ( P - fupd M0 M1 emp)).
Hypothesis cinv_own_excl : E γ,
......@@ -321,9 +324,9 @@ Module linear2. Section linear2.
Lemma leak P : P - fupd M1 M1 emp.
iIntros "HP".
iMod cinv_alloc as (γ) "(Htok & Hmkinv)".
iMod cinv_alloc as (γ) "Hmkinv".
set (INV := (P cinv_own γ P)%I).
iMod ("Hmkinv" $! INV with "[HP]") as "Hinv".
iMod ("Hmkinv" $! INV with "[HP]") as "(Hinv & Htok)".
{ iLeft. done. }
iMod (cinv_access with "Hinv Htok") as "([HP|Hinv] & Htok & Hclose)"; last first.
{ iDestruct "Hinv" as "(Htok' & ?)".
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