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Document [efoc] of [wp_pure].

parent 4ff04689
......@@ -65,6 +65,13 @@ Ltac wp_finish :=
pm_prettify. (* prettify ▷s caused by [MaybeIntoLaterNEnvs] and
λs caused by wp_value *)
(** The argument [efoc] can be used to specify the construct that should be
reduced. For example, you can write [wp_pure (EIf _ _ _)], which will search
for an [EIf _ _ _] in the expression, and reduce it.
The use of [open_constr] in this tactic is essential. It will convert all holes
(i.e. [_]s) into evars, that later get unified when an occurences is found
(see [unify e' efoc] in the code below). *)
Tactic Notation "wp_pure" open_constr(efoc) :=
lazymatch goal with
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