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simplify proof considerably

parent d6b0cf0a
......@@ -325,12 +325,8 @@ Module linear2. Section linear2.
iIntros "HP".
iMod cinv_alloc as (γ) "Hmkinv".
set (INV := (P cinv_own γ P)%I).
iMod ("Hmkinv" $! INV with "[HP]") as "(Hinv & Htok)".
{ iLeft. done. }
iMod (cinv_access with "Hinv Htok") as "([HP|Hinv] & Htok & Hclose)"; last first.
{ iDestruct "Hinv" as "(Htok' & ?)".
iMod (cinv_own_excl with "Htok Htok'") as "[]". }
iApply "Hclose". iNext. iRight. iFrame.
iMod ("Hmkinv" $! True%I with "[//]") as "[Hinv Htok]".
iMod (cinv_access with "Hinv Htok") as "(Htrue & Htok & Hclose)".
iApply "Hclose". done.
End linear2. End linear2.
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