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......@@ -21,6 +21,10 @@ Coq development, but not every API-breaking change is listed. Changes marked
**Changes in Coq:**
* Added support for Coq 8.10 and Coq 8.11; dropped support for Coq 8.7 and Coq 8.8.
* Removed coercion from `iProp` (and other MoSeL propositions) to `Prop`.
Instead, use the new unary notation `⊢ P`, or `⊢@{PROP} P` if the proposition
type cannot be inferred. This also means that `%I` should not be necessary any
more when stating lemmas, as `P` above is automatically parsed in scope `%I`.
* A new tactic `iStopProof` to turn the proof mode entailment into an ordinary
Coq goal `big star of context ⊢ proof mode goal`.
* Rename `iProp`/`iPreProp` to `iPropO`/`iPrePropO` since they are `ofeT`s.
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