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Merge branch 'insert_alloc_local_update' into 'master'

Added a new lemma to allocate fragmented ownership in unital gmaps while…

See merge request FP/iris-coq!164
parents 989c871a ef74a78f
......@@ -93,6 +93,9 @@ Proof.
Global Instance gmap_singleton_discrete i x :
Discrete x Discrete ({[ i := x ]} : gmap K A) := _.
Lemma insert_idN n m i x :
m !! i {n} Some x <[i:=x]>m {n} m.
Proof. intros (y'&?&->)%dist_Some_inv_r'. by rewrite insert_id. Qed.
End cofe.
Arguments gmapC _ {_ _} _.
......@@ -285,6 +288,10 @@ Proof.
- by rewrite lookup_singleton_ne // !(left_id None _).
Lemma insert_op m1 m2 i x y :
<[i:=x y]>(m1 m2) = <[i:=x]>m1 <[i:=y]>m2.
Proof. by rewrite (insert_merge () m1 m2 i (x y) x y). Qed.
Lemma insert_updateP (P : A Prop) (Q : gmap K A Prop) m i x :
x ~~>: P ( y, P y Q (<[i:=y]>m)) <[i:=x]>m ~~>: Q.
......@@ -463,6 +470,29 @@ Proof.
End properties.
Section unital_properties.
Context `{Countable K} {A : ucmraT}.
Implicit Types m : gmap K A.
Implicit Types i : K.
Implicit Types x y : A.
Lemma insert_alloc_local_update m1 m2 i x x' y' :
m1 !! i = Some x m2 !! i = None
(x, ε) ~l~> (x', y')
(m1, m2) ~l~> (<[i:=x']>m1, <[i:=y']>m2).
intros Hi1 Hi2 Hup. apply local_update_unital=> n mf Hm1v Hm.
assert (mf !! i {n} Some x) as Hif.
{ move: (Hm i). by rewrite lookup_op Hi1 Hi2 left_id. }
destruct (Hup n (mf !! i)) as [Hx'v Hx'eq].
{ move: (Hm1v i). by rewrite Hi1. }
{ by rewrite Hif -(inj_iff Some) -Some_op_opM -Some_op left_id. }
- by apply insert_validN.
- simpl in Hx'eq. by rewrite -(insert_idN n mf i x) // -insert_op -Hm Hx'eq Hif.
End unital_properties.
(** Functor *)
Instance gmap_fmap_ne `{Countable K} {A B : ofeT} (f : A B) n :
Proper (dist n ==> dist n) f Proper (dist n ==>dist n) (fmap (M:=gmap K) f).
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