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......@@ -31,7 +31,8 @@ Inductive step : relation (state sts * tokens sts) :=
tok s1 T1 tok s2 T2 step (s1,T1) (s2,T2).
Notation steps := (rtc step).
Inductive frame_step (T : tokens sts) (s1 s2 : state sts) : Prop :=
(* Probably equivalent definition: (\mathcal{L}(s') ## T) ∧ s \rightarrow s' *)
(* Possible alternative definition: (tok s2) ## T) ∧ s \rightarrow s'.
This is not equivalent, but it might be good enough? *)
| Frame_step T1 T2 :
T1 ## tok s1 T step (s1,T1) (s2,T2) frame_step T s1 s2.
Notation frame_steps T := (rtc (frame_step T)).
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