Commit ab3b5c77 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung

Merge branch 'robbert/atomic_wp_seq_step' into 'master'

Prove stepping (i.e., non-value) version of `atomic_wp_seq`.

See merge request iris/iris!402
parents 3c2ea188 eae9c2c8
......@@ -118,6 +118,20 @@ Section lemmas.
rewrite ->!tele_app_bind. iIntros "HΦ". iApply "HΦ". done.
(** This version matches the Texan triple, i.e., with a later in front of the
[(∀.. y, β x y -∗ Φ (f x y))]. *)
Lemma atomic_wp_seq_step e Eo α β f {HL : .. x, Laterable (α x)} :
TCEq (to_val e) None
atomic_wp e Eo α β f -
Φ, .. x, α x - (.. y, β x y - Φ (f x y)) - WP e {{ Φ }}.
iIntros (?) "H"; iIntros (Φ x) "Hα HΦ".
iApply (wp_step_fupd _ _ _ (.. y : TB, β x y - Φ (f x y))
with "[$HΦ //]"); first done.
iApply (atomic_wp_seq with "H Hα"); first done.
iIntros (y) "Hβ HΦ". by iApply "HΦ".
(* Sequential triples with the empty mask for a physically atomic [e] are atomic. *)
Lemma atomic_seq_wp_atomic e Eo α β f `{!Atomic WeaklyAtomic e} :
( Φ, .. x, α x - (.. y, β x y - Φ (f x y)) - WP e @ {{ Φ }}) -
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