Commit a148dd29 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Small tweaks to `weak_löb`.

- Make `flöb_pre` and `flöb` local to the proof.
- The metavariables `Ψ` are used for predicates, so use a `Q` here.
parent bdb566a4
......@@ -205,26 +205,17 @@ Proof. intros ?. by rewrite /Absorbing -later_absorbingly absorbing. Qed.
Section löb.
(* Proof following's_theorem#Proof_of_L%C3%B6b's_theorem *)
Definition flöb_pre (P Ψ : PROP) : PROP := ( Ψ P)%I.
Local Instance flöb_pre_contractive P : Contractive (flöb_pre P).
Proof. solve_contractive. Qed.
Definition flöb (P : PROP) := fixpoint (flöb_pre P).
Lemma weak_löb P : ( P P) (True P).
set (Ψ := flöb P). assert (Ψ ( Ψ P)) as HΨ.
{ exact: fixpoint_unfold. }
pose (flöb_pre (P Q : PROP) := ( Q P)%I).
assert ( P, Contractive (flöb_pre P)) by solve_contractive.
set (Q := fixpoint (flöb_pre P)).
assert (Q ( Q P)) as HQ by (exact: fixpoint_unfold).
intros HP. rewrite -HP.
assert (Ψ ( Ψ P)) as HΨ'%entails_impl_True by by rewrite -HΨ.
rewrite ->(later_intro (Ψ _))%I in HΨ'.
rewrite ->later_impl in HΨ'.
rewrite ->later_impl in HΨ'.
assert ( Ψ P) as HΨP.
{ rewrite -HP. rewrite -(idemp () ( Ψ))%I {2}(later_intro ( Ψ))%I.
apply impl_elim_l', entails_impl_True. done. }
rewrite -HΨP HΨ -2!later_intro.
assert ( Q P) as HQP.
{ rewrite -HP. rewrite -(idemp () ( Q))%I {2}(later_intro ( Q))%I.
by rewrite {1}HQ {1}later_impl impl_elim_l. }
rewrite -HQP HQ -2!later_intro.
apply (entails_impl_True _ P). done.
......@@ -237,7 +228,6 @@ Section löb.
rewrite assoc impl_elim_l.
rewrite impl_elim_r. done.
End löb.
(* Iterated later modality *)
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