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This is the Coq development of the [Iris Project](, in
the MoSeL version.
## Prerequisites
## Building Iris
### Prerequisites
This version is known to compile with:
......@@ -15,7 +17,7 @@ For a version compatible with Coq 8.6, have a look at the
If you need to work with Coq 8.5, please check out the
[iris-3.0 branch](
## Installing via opam
### Installing via opam
To obtain the latest stable release via opam (1.2.2 or newer), you have to add
the Coq opam repository:
......@@ -28,7 +30,7 @@ To obtain a development version, add the Iris opam repository:
opam repo add iris-dev
## Building from source
### Building from source
When building Iris from source, we recommend to use opam (1.2.2 or newer) for
installing Iris's dependencies. This requires the following two repositories:
......@@ -98,7 +100,9 @@ that should be compatible with this version:
* [Iris Atomic]( is an experimental
formalization of logically atomic triples in Iris.
## For Developers: How to update the std++ dependency
## Notes for Iris Developers
### How to update the std++ dependency
* Do the change in std++, push it.
* Wait for CI to publish a new std++ version on the opam archive, then run
......@@ -107,3 +111,13 @@ that should be compatible with this version:
* Run `make build-dep` (in Iris) to install the new version of std++.
You may have to do `make clean` as Coq will likely complain about .vo file
### How to write/update test cases
The files in `tests/` are test cases. Each of the `.v` files comes with a
matching `.ref` file containing the expected output of `coqc`. Adding `Show.`
in selected places in the proofs makes `coqc` print the current goal state.
This is used to make sure the proof mode prints goals and reduces terms the way
we expect it to. You can run `make ref` to re-generate all the `.ref` files;
this is useful after adding or removing `Show.` from a test. If you do this,
make sure to check the diff for any unexpected changes in the output!
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