Commit 9bdef1bf authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Remove unused `tac_wand_intro_pure`.

parent e8f8dae8
......@@ -210,18 +210,6 @@ Proof.
by rewrite -{1}absorbingly_intuitionistically_into_persistently
absorbingly_sep_l wand_elim_r HQ.
Lemma tac_wand_intro_pure Δ P φ Q R :
FromWand R P Q
IntoPure P φ
TCOr (Affine P) (Absorbing Q)
(φ envs_entails Δ Q) envs_entails Δ R.
rewrite /FromWand envs_entails_eq. intros <- ? HPQ HQ. apply wand_intro_l. destruct HPQ.
- rewrite -(affine_affinely P) (into_pure P) -persistent_and_affinely_sep_l.
by apply pure_elim_l.
- rewrite (into_pure P) -(persistent_absorbingly_affinely _ %I) absorbingly_sep_lr.
rewrite -persistent_and_affinely_sep_l. apply pure_elim_l=> ?. by rewrite HQ.
Lemma tac_wand_intro_drop Δ P Q R :
FromWand R P Q
TCOr (Affine P) (Absorbing Q)
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