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Document `state_interp` and `fork_post`.

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......@@ -7,7 +7,17 @@ Import uPred.
Class irisG' (Λstate Λobservation : Type) (Σ : gFunctors) := IrisG {
iris_invG :> invG Σ;
(** The state interpretation is an invariant that should hold in between each
step of reduction. Here [Λstate] is the global state, [list Λobservation] are
the remaining observations, and [nat] is the number of forked-off threads
(not the total number of threads, which is one higher because there is always
a main thread). *)
state_interp : Λstate list Λobservation nat iProp Σ;
(** A fixed postcondition for any forked-off thread. For most languages, e.g.
heap_lang, this will simply be [True]. However, it is useful if one wants to
keep track of resources precisely, as in e.g. Iron. *)
fork_post : iProp Σ;
Notation irisG Λ Σ := (irisG' (state Λ) (observation Λ) Σ).
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