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one-shot higher-order ghost variables

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......@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@ program_logic/tests.v
From iris.algebra Require Export agree one_shot.
From iris.program_logic Require Export ghost_ownership.
Import uPred.
Class oneShotG (Λ : language) (Σ : gFunctors) (F : cFunctor) :=
one_shot_inG :> inG Λ Σ (one_shotR $ agreeR $ laterC $ F (iPreProp Λ (globalF Σ))).
Definition oneShotGF (F : cFunctor) : gFunctor :=
GFunctor (one_shotRF (agreeRF ( F))).
Instance inGF_oneShotG `{inGF Λ Σ (oneShotGF F)} : oneShotG Λ Σ F.
Proof. apply: inGF_inG. Qed.
Definition one_shot_pending `{oneShotG Λ Σ F}
(γ : gname) : iPropG Λ Σ :=
own γ OneShotPending.
Definition one_shot_own `{oneShotG Λ Σ F}
(γ : gname) (x : F (iPropG Λ Σ)) : iPropG Λ Σ :=
own γ (Shot $ to_agree $ Next (cFunctor_map F (iProp_fold, iProp_unfold) x)).
Typeclasses Opaque one_shot_pending one_shot_own.
Instance: Params (@one_shot_own) 4.
Section one_shot.
Context `{oneShotG Λ Σ F}.
Implicit Types x y : F (iPropG Λ Σ).
Implicit Types γ : gname.
Global Instance ne_shot_own_persistent γ x :
Persistent (one_shot_own γ x).
Proof. by rewrite /Persistent always_own. Qed.
Lemma one_shot_alloc_strong N (G : gset gname) :
True pvs N N ( γ, (γ G) one_shot_pending γ).
Proof. by apply own_alloc_strong. Qed.
Lemma one_shot_alloc N : True pvs N N ( γ, one_shot_pending γ).
Proof. by apply own_alloc. Qed.
Lemma one_shot_init N γ x :
one_shot_pending γ pvs N N (one_shot_own γ x).
Proof. by apply own_update, one_shot_update_shoot. Qed.
Lemma one_shot_alloc_init N x : True pvs N N ( γ, one_shot_own γ x).
rewrite (one_shot_alloc N). apply pvs_strip_pvs.
apply exist_elim=>γ. rewrite -(exist_intro γ).
apply one_shot_init.
Lemma one_shot_agree γ x y :
(one_shot_own γ x one_shot_own γ y) (x y).
rewrite -own_op own_valid one_shot_validI /= agree_validI.
rewrite agree_equivI later_equivI.
set (G1 := cFunctor_map F (iProp_fold, iProp_unfold)).
set (G2 := cFunctor_map F (@iProp_unfold Λ (globalF Σ),
@iProp_fold Λ (globalF Σ))).
assert ( z, G2 (G1 z) z) as help.
{ intros z. rewrite /G1 /G2 -cFunctor_compose -{2}[z]cFunctor_id.
apply (ne_proper (cFunctor_map F)); split=>?; apply iProp_fold_unfold. }
rewrite -{2}[x]help -{2}[y]help. apply later_mono.
apply (eq_rewrite (G1 x) (G1 y) (λ z, G2 (G1 x) G2 z))%I;
first solve_proper; auto with I.
End one_shot.
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