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Fix some typos in Section 9.2 in the docs.

parent d7f8ff30
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ The two core assertions are: $\BoxSlice\namesp\prop\sname$, saying that there is
{f(\sname) = \BoxEmp}
{\BoxSlice\namesp\propB\sname \proves \lateropt b\ABox\namesp\prop{f} \vs[\namesp] \Exists \prop'. \lateropt b(\later(\prop = \prop' * \propB) * \ABox\namesp{\prop'}{\mapinsert\gname\bot{f}})}
{\BoxSlice\namesp\propB\sname \proves \lateropt b\ABox\namesp\prop{f} \vs[\namesp] \Exists \prop'. \lateropt b(\later(\prop = \prop' * \propB) * \ABox\namesp{\prop'}{\mapinsert\sname\bot{f}})}
{f(\sname) = \BoxEmp}
......@@ -117,10 +117,10 @@ We need a CMRA as follows:
Now we can define the assertions:
\SliceInv(\sname, \prop) \eqdef{}& \Exists b. \ownGhost\sname{(\authfull b, \munit)} * (b = 1 \Ra \prop) \\
\SliceInv(\sname, \prop) \eqdef{}& \Exists b. \ownGhost\sname{(\authfull b, \munit)} * ((b = \BoxFull) \Ra \prop) \\
\BoxSlice\namesp\prop\sname \eqdef{}& \ownGhost\sname{(\munit, \prop)} * \knowInv\namesp{\SliceInv(\sname,\prop)} \\
\ABox\namesp\prop{f} \eqdef{}& \Exists \propB : \nat \to \Prop. \later\left( \prop = \Sep_{\sname \in \dom(f)} \propB(\sname) \right ) * {}\\
& \Sep_{\sname \in \dom(f)} \Exists \gname. \ownGhost\sname{(\authfrag f(\sname), \propB(\sname))} * \knowInv\namesp{\SliceInv(\sname,\propB(\sname))}
& \Sep_{\sname \in \dom(f)} \ownGhost\sname{(\authfrag f(\sname), \propB(\sname))} * \knowInv\namesp{\SliceInv(\sname,\propB(\sname))}
\endgroup % Model paragraph
......@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ Here are some derived rules:
{f(\sname) = s}
{\kern-4ex\BoxSlice\namesp{\propB_1 * \propB_2}\sname \proves \lateropt b \ABox\namesp\prop{f} \vs[\namesp] \Exists \sname_1 \notin \dom(f), \sname_2 \notin \dom(f). \sname_1 \neq \sname_1 \land {}\\\kern5ex \always\BoxSlice\namesp{\propB_1}{\sname_1} * \always\BoxSlice\namesp{\propB_2}{\sname_2} * \lateropt b \ABox\namesp\prop{\mapinsert{\sname_2}{s}{\mapinsert{\sname_1}{s}{\mapinsert\sname\bot{f}}}}}
{\kern-4ex\BoxSlice\namesp{\propB_1 * \propB_2}\sname \proves \lateropt b \ABox\namesp\prop{f} \vs[\namesp] \Exists \sname_1 \notin \dom(f), \sname_2 \notin \dom(f). \sname_1 \neq \sname_2 \land {}\\\kern5ex \always\BoxSlice\namesp{\propB_1}{\sname_1} * \always\BoxSlice\namesp{\propB_2}{\sname_2} * \lateropt b \ABox\namesp\prop{\mapinsert{\sname_2}{s}{\mapinsert{\sname_1}{s}{\mapinsert\sname\bot{f}}}}}
{\sname_1 \neq \sname_2 \and f(\sname_1) = f(\sname_2) = s}
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