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Remove mention of string ident plugin

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......@@ -102,9 +102,11 @@ Coq development, but not every API-breaking change is listed. Changes marked
+ `singleton_included``singleton_included_l`.
+ `singleton_included_exclusive``singleton_included_exclusive_l`
* The proof mode now supports names for pure facts in intro patterns. Support
requires implementing `string_to_ident` with either a plugin or Ltac2, which
only work on Coq 8.10 and Coq 8.11 respectively. Without this tactic such
patterns will fail.
requires implementing `string_to_ident`. Without this tactic such patterns
will fail. We provide one implementation at using Ltac2 which works with Coq
8.11. See the [README]( for opam
installation instructions.
**Changes in heap_lang:**
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