Commit 65bde879 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Removed a stray proof mode lemma.

parent fe17c6af
......@@ -529,10 +529,6 @@ Proof.
intros. rewrite envs_app_sound //; simpl.
rewrite right_id. by apply wand_mono.
Lemma tac_wand_intro_pure Δ P φ Q : IntoPure P φ (φ Δ Q) Δ P - Q.
intros. by apply wand_intro_l; rewrite (into_pure P); apply pure_elim_sep_l.
Lemma tac_wand_intro_drop Δ P Q : (Δ Q) Δ P - Q.
Proof. intros. apply wand_intro_l. by rewrite sep_elim_r. Qed.
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