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gmultiset RA

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...@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ theories/algebra/vector.v ...@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ theories/algebra/vector.v
theories/algebra/updates.v theories/algebra/updates.v
theories/algebra/local_updates.v theories/algebra/local_updates.v
theories/algebra/gset.v theories/algebra/gset.v
theories/algebra/coPset.v theories/algebra/coPset.v
theories/algebra/deprecated.v theories/algebra/deprecated.v
theories/base_logic/upred.v theories/base_logic/upred.v
From iris.algebra Require Export cmra.
From iris.algebra Require Import updates local_updates.
From stdpp Require Export collections gmultiset countable.
Set Default Proof Using "Type".
(* The multiset union CMRA *)
Section gmultiset.
Context `{Countable K}.
Implicit Types X Y : gmultiset K.
Canonical Structure gmultisetC := discreteC (gmultiset K).
Instance gmultiset_valid : Valid (gmultiset K) := λ _, True.
Instance gmultiset_validN : ValidN (gmultiset K) := λ _ _, True.
Instance gmultiset_unit : Unit (gmultiset K) := ( : gmultiset K).
Instance gmultiset_op : Op (gmultiset K) := union.
Instance gmultiset_pcore : PCore (gmultiset K) := λ X, Some .
Lemma gmultiset_op_union X Y : X Y = X Y.
Proof. done. Qed.
Lemma gmultiset_core_empty X : core X = .
Proof. done. Qed.
Lemma gmultiset_included X Y : X Y X Y.
- intros [Z ->%leibniz_equiv].
rewrite gmultiset_op_union. apply gmultiset_union_subseteq_l.
- intros ->%gmultiset_union_difference. by exists (Y X).
Lemma gmultiset_ra_mixin : RAMixin (gmultiset K).
apply ra_total_mixin; eauto.
- by intros X Y Z ->%leibniz_equiv.
- by intros X Y ->%leibniz_equiv.
- solve_proper.
- intros X1 X2 X3. by rewrite !gmultiset_op_union assoc_L.
- intros X1 X2. by rewrite !gmultiset_op_union comm_L.
- intros X. by rewrite gmultiset_core_empty left_id.
- intros X1 X2 HX. rewrite !gmultiset_core_empty. exists .
by rewrite left_id.
Canonical Structure gmultisetR := discreteR (gmultiset K) gmultiset_ra_mixin.
Global Instance gmultiset_cmra_discrete : CmraDiscrete gmultisetR.
Proof. apply discrete_cmra_discrete. Qed.
Lemma gmultiset_ucmra_mixin : UcmraMixin (gmultiset K).
Proof. split. done. intros X. by rewrite gmultiset_op_union left_id_L. done. Qed.
Canonical Structure gmultisetUR := UcmraT (gmultiset K) gmultiset_ucmra_mixin.
Lemma gmultiset_opM X mY : X ? mY = X from_option id mY.
Proof. destruct mY; by rewrite /= ?right_id_L. Qed.
Lemma gmultiset_update X Y : X ~~> Y.
Proof. done. Qed.
Lemma gmultiset_local_update_alloc X Y X' : (X,Y) ~l~> (X X', Y X').
rewrite local_update_unital_discrete=> Z' _ /leibniz_equiv_iff->.
split. done. rewrite !gmultiset_op_union.
by rewrite -!assoc (comm _ Z' X').
Lemma gmultiset_local_update_dealloc X Y X' : X' X X' Y (X,Y) ~l~> (X X', Y X').
intros ->%gmultiset_union_difference ->%gmultiset_union_difference.
rewrite local_update_unital_discrete=> Z' _ /leibniz_equiv_iff->.
split. done. rewrite !gmultiset_op_union=> x.
repeat (rewrite multiplicity_difference || rewrite multiplicity_union).
End gmultiset.
Arguments gmultisetC _ {_ _}.
Arguments gmultisetR _ {_ _}.
Arguments gmultisetUR _ {_ _}.
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