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......@@ -16,12 +16,10 @@ Applying hypotheses and lemmas
- `iApply pm_trm` : match the conclusion of the current goal against the
conclusion of `pm_trm` and generates goals for the premises of `pm_trm`. See
proof mode terms below.
If the applied term has more premises than the number of given specialization
patterns, all remaining spatial hypotheses go to the first premise that does
not have corresponding specialization pattern. Subsequent premises without
specialization pattern do not get any spatial hypotheses. In other words, the
specialization pattern is extended with `[-] [] ... []` to account for
hypotheses without specialization pattern.
If the applied term has more premises than given specialization patterns, the
pattern is extended with `[-] ... [-]`. As a consequence, all unused spatial
hypotheses move to the first premise without an explicit specialization
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