Commit 5d3c508d authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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New lemma `step_fupdN_wand`, and use instead of `step_fupdN_mono`.

parent d9d67406
......@@ -78,8 +78,8 @@ Proof.
iPoseProof (Hiter Hinv) as "H". clear Hiter.
destruct n as [|n].
- iApply fupd_plainly_mask_empty. iMod "H" as %?; auto.
- iPoseProof (step_fupdN_mono _ _ _ _ (|={}=> ⌜φ⌝)%I with "H") as "H'".
{ iIntros "H". by iApply fupd_plain_mask_empty. }
- iDestruct (step_fupdN_wand _ _ _ _ (|={}=> ⌜φ⌝)%I with "H []") as "H'".
{ by iApply fupd_plain_mask_empty. }
rewrite -step_fupdN_S_fupd.
iMod (step_fupdN_plain with "H'") as "Hφ". iModIntro. iNext.
rewrite -later_laterN laterN_later.
......@@ -92,6 +92,5 @@ Lemma step_fupdN_soundness' `{invPreG Σ} φ n :
iIntros (Hiter). eapply (step_fupdN_soundness _ n).
iIntros (Hinv). iPoseProof (Hiter Hinv) as "Hiter".
iApply (step_fupdN_mono with "Hiter").
iIntros (?). iMod (fupd_intro_mask' _ ) as "_"; auto.
iApply (step_fupdN_wand with "Hiter"). by iApply (fupd_mask_weaken _ _ _).
......@@ -359,11 +359,20 @@ Section fupd_derived.
Lemma step_fupdN_mono E1 E2 n P Q :
(P Q) (|={E1, E2}=>^n P) (|={E1, E2}=>^n Q).
(P Q) (|={E1,E2}=>^n P) (|={E1,E2}=>^n Q).
intros HPQ. induction n as [|n IH]=> //=. rewrite IH //.
Lemma step_fupdN_wand E1 E2 n P Q :
(|={E1,E2}=>^n P) - (P - Q) - (|={E1,E2}=>^n Q).
apply wand_intro_l. induction n as [|n IH]=> /=.
{ by rewrite wand_elim_l. }
rewrite -IH -fupd_frame_l later_sep -fupd_frame_l.
by apply sep_mono; first apply later_intro.
Lemma step_fupdN_S_fupd n E P:
(|={E, }=>^(S n) P) (|={E, }=>^(S n) |={E}=> P).
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