Commit 5392b62f authored by Jacques-Henri Jourdan's avatar Jacques-Henri Jourdan
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Add iStartProof in iAccu.

parent 354f2692
......@@ -1937,7 +1937,7 @@ Tactic Notation "iInv" constr(N) "with" constr(Hs) "as" "(" simple_intropattern(
iInvCore N with Hs as (fun H => iDestructHyp H as (x1 x2 x3 x4) pat) Hclose.
Tactic Notation "iAccu" :=
eapply tac_accu; [env_reflexivity || fail "iAccu: not an evar."].
iStartProof; eapply tac_accu; [env_reflexivity || fail "iAccu: not an evar."].
Hint Extern 0 (_ _) => iStartProof.
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