Commit 49b04515 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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avoid non-value notation in val_scope

parent c1449e94
From iris.base_logic.lib Require Export invariants.
From iris.program_logic Require Export atomic.
From iris.proofmode Require Import tactics.
From iris.heap_lang Require Import proofmode notation par.
From iris.heap_lang Require Import proofmode notation.
Set Default Proof Using "Type".
(** Nondeterminism and Speculation:
......@@ -12,8 +12,6 @@ Definition par : val :=
let: "v1" := join "handle" in
("v1", "v2").
Notation "e1 ||| e2" := (par (λ: <>, e1)%E (λ: <>, e2)%E) : expr_scope.
(* Not a value itself, but with *unlocked* value lambdas. *)
Local Notation "e1 ||| e2" := (par (LamV BAnon e1%E) (LamV BAnon e2%E)) : val_scope.
Section proof.
Local Set Default Proof Using "Type*".
......@@ -39,7 +37,7 @@ Qed.
Lemma wp_par (Ψ1 Ψ2 : val iProp Σ) (e1 e2 : expr) (Φ : val iProp Σ) :
WP e1 {{ Ψ1 }} - WP e2 {{ Ψ2 }} -
( v1 v2, Ψ1 v1 Ψ2 v2 - Φ (v1,v2)%V) -
WP (e1 ||| e2)%V {{ Φ }}.
WP par (LamV BAnon e1) (LamV BAnon e2) {{ Φ }}.
iIntros "H1 H2 H".
wp_apply (par_spec Ψ1 Ψ2 with "[H1] [H2] [H]"); [by wp_lam..|auto].
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