Commit 46944241 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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make NO_TEST=1 skips the tests

parent 33ee70bf
# run tests with main build
real-all: test
# Run tests interleaved with main build. They have to be in the same target for this.
real-all: $(if $(NO_TEST),,test)
# the test suite
TESTFILES=$(wildcard tests/*.v)
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ $(TESTFILES:.v=.vo): %.vo: %.v $(if $(MAKE_REF),,%.ref)
else \
REF="tests/$$TEST.ref"; \
fi && \
echo $(if $(MAKE_REF),"COQTEST [make ref] `basename "$$REF"`","COQTEST$(if $(COQ_OLD), [ignored],) `basename "$$REF"`") && \
echo "COQTEST$(if $(MAKE_REF), [make ref],$(if $(COQ_OLD), [no ref],)) $$REF" && \
TMPFILE="$$(mktemp)" && \
$(TIMER) $(COQ_TEST) $(COQFLAGS) $(COQLIBS) -load-vernac-source $< > "$$TMPFILE" && \
$(if $(MAKE_REF), \
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