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comment for how we plan to generalize the WP notation if necessary

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......@@ -23,7 +23,10 @@ thread IDs (as in iGPS).
For the case of stuckness bits, there are two specific notations
[WP e @ E {{ Φ }}] and [WP e @ E ?{{ Φ }}], which forces [A] to be [stuckness],
and [s] to be [NotStuck] or [MaybeStuck]. *)
and [s] to be [NotStuck] or [MaybeStuck]. This will fail to typecheck if [A] is
not [stuckness]. If we ever want to use the notation [WP e @ E {{ Φ }}] with a
different [A], the plan is to generalize the notation to use [Inhabited] instead
to pick a default value depending on [A]. *)
Class Wp (Λ : language) (PROP A : Type) :=
wp : A coPset expr Λ (val Λ PROP) PROP.
Arguments wp {_ _ _ _} _ _ _%E _%I.
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