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changelog: list _acc renames

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......@@ -54,6 +54,15 @@ Coq development, but not every API-breaking change is listed. Changes marked
backwards incompatibility. This can usually be fixed by manually clearing some
hypotheses. A more detailed description of the changes can be found in
* Renamed some accessor-style lemmas to consistently use the suffix `_acc`
instead of `_open`:
`inv_open` -> `inv_acc`, `inv_open_strong` -> `inv_acc_strong`,
`inv_open_timeless` -> `inv_acc_timeless`, `na_inv_open` -> `na_inv_acc`,
`cinv_open` -> `cinv_acc`, `cinv_open_strong` -> `cinv_acc_strong`,
`auth_open` -> `auth_acc`, `sts_open` -> `sts_acc`.
To make this work we also had to rename `inv_acc` -> `inv_alter`.
(Most developments should be unaffected as the typical way to invoke these
lemmas is through `iInv`, and that does not change.)
## Iris 3.2.0 (released 2019-08-29)
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