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more consistent naming

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......@@ -274,25 +274,25 @@ In other words, $\ownGhost{\gname}{\melt : M_i}$ asserts that in the current sta
From~\ruleref{pvs-update}, \ruleref{vs-update} and the frame-preserving updates in~\Sref{sec:prodm} and~\Sref{sec:fpfnm}, we have the following derived rules.
\inferH{NewGhostStrong}{\text{$G$ infinite}}
\inferH{ghost-alloc-strong}{\text{$G$ infinite}}
{ \TRUE \vs \Exists\gname\in G. \ownGhost\gname{\melt : M_i}
\TRUE \vs \Exists\gname. \ownGhost\gname{\melt : M_i}
{\melt \mupd_{M_i} B}
{\ownGhost\gname{\melt : M_i} \vs \Exists \meltB\in B. \ownGhost\gname{\meltB : M_i}}
{\ownGhost\gname{\melt : M_i} * \ownGhost\gname{\meltB : M_i} \Lra \ownGhost\gname{\melt\mtimes\meltB : M_i}}
{\ownGhost\gname{\melt : M_i} \Ra \mval_{M_i}(\melt)}
{\text{$\melt$ is a discrete COFE element}}
{\timeless{\ownGhost\gname{\melt : M_i}}}
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