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Add note about iIntros/iAlways to CHANGELOG.

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......@@ -65,6 +65,12 @@ sed 's/\bPersistentP\b/Persistent/g; s/\bTimelessP\b/Timeless/g; s/\bCMRADiscret
- Many missing type class instances for distributing connectives have been
- The tactics `iIntros (?)` and `iIntros "!#"` (i.e. `iAlways`) are now
implemented using type classes. That way, they are more generic, e.g.
`iIntros (?)` also works when the universal quantifier is below a modality,
and `iAlways` also works for the plainness modality. A breaking change,
however, is that these tactics now no longer work when the universal
quantifier or modality is behind a type class opaque definition.
* The generic `fill` operation of the `ectxi_language` construct has been
defined in terms of a left fold instead of a right fold. This gives rise to
more definitional equalities.
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