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Merge branch 'gen_proofmode' of into gen_proofmode

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......@@ -4,86 +4,6 @@ From iris.proofmode Require Export modality_instances classes.
Set Default Proof Using "Type".
Import bi.
Section bi_modalities.
Context {PROP : bi}.
Lemma modality_persistently_mixin :
modality_mixin (@bi_persistently PROP) MIEnvId MIEnvClear.
split; simpl; eauto using equiv_entails_sym, persistently_intro,
persistently_mono, persistently_sep_2 with typeclass_instances.
Definition modality_persistently :=
Modality _ modality_persistently_mixin.
Lemma modality_affinely_mixin :
modality_mixin (@bi_affinely PROP) MIEnvId (MIEnvForall Affine).
split; simpl; eauto using equiv_entails_sym, affinely_intro, affinely_mono,
affinely_sep_2 with typeclass_instances.
Definition modality_affinely :=
Modality _ modality_affinely_mixin.
Lemma modality_affinely_persistently_mixin :
modality_mixin (λ P : PROP, P)%I MIEnvId MIEnvIsEmpty.
split; simpl; eauto using equiv_entails_sym, affinely_persistently_emp,
affinely_mono, persistently_mono, affinely_persistently_idemp,
affinely_persistently_sep_2 with typeclass_instances.
Definition modality_affinely_persistently :=
Modality _ modality_affinely_persistently_mixin.
Lemma modality_plainly_mixin :
modality_mixin (@bi_plainly PROP) (MIEnvForall Plain) MIEnvClear.
split; simpl; split_and?; eauto using equiv_entails_sym, plainly_intro,
plainly_mono, plainly_and, plainly_sep_2 with typeclass_instances.
Definition modality_plainly :=
Modality _ modality_plainly_mixin.
Lemma modality_affinely_plainly_mixin :
modality_mixin (λ P : PROP, P)%I (MIEnvForall Plain) MIEnvIsEmpty.
split; simpl; split_and?; eauto using equiv_entails_sym,
affinely_plainly_emp, affinely_intro,
plainly_intro, affinely_mono, plainly_mono, affinely_plainly_idemp,
affinely_plainly_and, affinely_plainly_sep_2 with typeclass_instances.
Definition modality_affinely_plainly :=
Modality _ modality_affinely_plainly_mixin.
Lemma modality_embed_mixin `{BiEmbedding PROP PROP'} :
modality_mixin (@bi_embed PROP PROP' _)
(MIEnvTransform IntoEmbed) (MIEnvTransform IntoEmbed).
split; simpl; split_and?;
eauto using equiv_entails_sym, bi_embed_emp, bi_embed_sep, bi_embed_and.
- intros P Q. rewrite /IntoEmbed=> ->.
by rewrite bi_embed_affinely bi_embed_persistently.
- by intros P Q ->.
Definition modality_embed `{BiEmbedding PROP PROP'} :=
Modality _ modality_embed_mixin.
End bi_modalities.
Section sbi_modalities.
Context {PROP : sbi}.
Lemma modality_laterN_mixin n :
modality_mixin (@sbi_laterN PROP n)
(MIEnvTransform (MaybeIntoLaterN false n)) (MIEnvTransform (MaybeIntoLaterN false n)).
split; simpl; split_and?; eauto using equiv_entails_sym, laterN_intro,
laterN_mono, laterN_and, laterN_sep with typeclass_instances.
rewrite /MaybeIntoLaterN=> P Q ->. by rewrite laterN_affinely_persistently_2.
Definition modality_laterN n :=
Modality _ (modality_laterN_mixin n).
End sbi_modalities.
Section bi_instances.
Context {PROP : bi}.
Implicit Types P Q R : PROP.
......@@ -964,8 +964,7 @@ Local Tactic Notation "iExistDestruct" constr(H)
(** * Modality introduction *)
Tactic Notation "iModIntro" open_constr(M) :=
let bi := lazymatch goal with |- @envs_entails ?bi _ _ => bi end in
eapply (tac_modal_intro (PROP2 := bi)) with M _ _ _ _;
notypeclasses refine (tac_modal_intro M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _);
[apply _ ||
fail "iModIntro: the goal is not a modality"
|apply _ ||
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