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......@@ -216,6 +216,13 @@ End ectx_language.
Arguments ectx_lang : clear implicits.
Coercion ectx_lang : ectxLanguage >-> language.
(* This definition makes sure that the fields of the [language] record do not
refer to the projections of the [ectxLanguage] record but to the actual fields
of the [ectxLanguage] record. This is crucial for canonical structure search to
Note that this trick no longer works when we switch to canonical projections
because then the pattern match [let '...] will be desugared into projections. *)
Definition LanguageOfEctx (Λ : ectxLanguage) : language :=
let '@EctxLanguage E V C St of_val to_val empty comp fill head mix := Λ in
@Language E V St of_val to_val _
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