Commit 1a4f9850 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Shorten proof.

parent fd2acffe
......@@ -981,13 +981,9 @@ Proof. rewrite -(plainly_plainly P); apply plainly_intro'. Qed.
Lemma plainly_alt P : P P True.
apply (anti_symm ()).
- rewrite -prop_ext. apply plainly_intro'. rewrite plainly_elim.
apply and_intro; apply impl_intro_r.
+ apply True_intro.
+ apply and_elim_l.
- rewrite -prop_ext. apply plainly_mono, and_intro; apply impl_intro_r; auto.
- rewrite internal_eq_sym (internal_eq_rewrite _ _ (λ P, P)%I).
eapply impl_elim; first reflexivity.
rewrite plainly_pure. apply True_intro.
by rewrite plainly_pure True_impl.
Lemma bupd_plain P `{!Plain P} : (|==> P) P.
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