Commit 1209ea46 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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barrier: prove stability of a set

parent 59f369c4
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ Module barrier_proto.
Proof. split. exact (State Low ). Qed.
Definition change_tokens (I : gset gname) : set token :=
mkSet (λ t, match t with Change i => i I | Send => False end).
mkSet (λ t, match t with Change i => i I | Send => False end).
Inductive trans : relation stateT :=
| ChangeI p I2 I1 : trans (State p I1) (State p I2)
......@@ -34,7 +34,27 @@ Module barrier_proto.
sts.closed sts (i_states i) {[ Change i ]}.
- apply non_empty_inhabited.
- apply (non_empty_inhabited (State Low {[ i ]})). rewrite !mkSet_elem_of /=.
apply lookup_singleton.
- move=>[p I]. rewrite /= /tok !mkSet_elem_of /= =>HI.
move=>s' /elem_of_intersection. rewrite !mkSet_elem_of /=.
move=>[[Htok|Htok] ? ]; subst s'; first done.
destruct p; done.
- move=>s1 s2. rewrite !mkSet_elem_of /==> Hs1 Hstep.
(* We probably want some helper lemmas for this... *)
inversion_clear Hstep as [T1 T2 Hdisj Hstep'].
inversion_clear Hstep' as [? ? ? ? Htrans Htok1 Htok2 Htok].
destruct Htrans; last done; move:Hs1 Hdisj Htok1 Htok2 Htok.
rewrite /= /tok /=.
intros. apply dec_stable.
assert (Change i change_tokens I1) as HI1
by (rewrite mkSet_not_elem_of; solve_elem_of +Hs1).
assert (Change i change_tokens I2) as HI2.
{ destruct p.
- solve_elem_of +Htok Hdisj HI1.
- solve_elem_of +Htok Hdisj HI1 / discriminate. }
End barrier_proto.
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