Commit 0d6d3655 authored by Paolo G. Giarrusso's avatar Paolo G. Giarrusso Committed by Ralf Jung
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Add synopsis so make build-dep does not complain

Nitpick, yes, but I've seen the complaint enough times today to bother.

That complaint is only useful to maintainers, and it's even in color.

[WARNING] Failed checks on coq-iris-builddep package definition from source at file:///Users/pgiarrusso/git/Coq/0IRIS-SWITCH/iris/build-dep:
    error 57: Synopsis and description must not be both empty
parent b98c03f4
opam-version: "1.2"
name: "coq-iris"
synopsis: "This is the Coq development of the Iris Project"
maintainer: "Ralf Jung <>"
authors: "The Iris Team"
homepage: ""
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