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docs: fix some newlines

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......@@ -339,12 +339,12 @@ Furthermore, we have the usual $\eta$ and $\beta$ laws for projections, $\lambda
\All x. \later\prop &\proves& \later{\All x.\prop} \\
\later\Exists x. \prop &\proves& \later\FALSE \lor {\Exists x.\later\prop} \\
\later\prop &\proves& \later\FALSE \lor (\later\FALSE \Ra \prop) \\
\later\prop &\proves& \later\FALSE \lor (\later\FALSE \Ra \prop)
\later{(\prop * \propB)} &\provesIff& \later\prop * \later\propB \\
\always{\later\prop} &\provesIff& \later\always{\prop} \\
\always{\later\prop} &\provesIff& \later\always{\prop}
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