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......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ The following assertion states that an invariant with name $\iname$ exists and m
Next, we define \emph{view updates}, which are essentially the same as the resource updates of the base logic ($\Sref{sec:base-logic}$), except that they also have access to world satisfaction and can enable and disable invariants:
\[ \pvs[\mask_1][\mask_2] \prop \eqdef W * \ownGhost{\gname_{\textmon{En}}}{\mask_1} \wand \upd\diamond (W * \ownGhost{\gname_{\textmon{En}}}{\mask_2} * \prop) \]
Here, $\mask_1$ and $\mask_2$ are the \emph{masks} of the view update, defining which invariants have to be (at least!) available before and after the update.
We use $\top$ as symbol for the largest possible mask, $\mathbb N$.
We use $\top$ as symbol for the largest possible mask, $\mathbb N$, and $\bot$ for the smallest possible mask $\emptyset$.
We will write $\pvs[\mask] \prop$ for $\pvs[\mask][\mask]\prop$.
View updates satisfy the following basic proof rules:
......@@ -35,8 +35,8 @@ Lemma wp_lift_pure_step E Φ e1 :
WP e1 @ E {{ Φ }}.
iIntros (He Hsafe Hstep) "H". rewrite wp_unfold /wp_pre; iRight; iSplit; auto.
iIntros (σ1) "Hσ". iApply pvs_intro'; [set_solver|iIntros "Hclose"].
iSplit; [done|]; iNext; iIntros (e2 σ2 efs ?).
iIntros (σ1) "Hσ". iVs (pvs_intro_mask' E ) as "Hclose"; first set_solver.
iVsIntro. iSplit; [done|]; iNext; iIntros (e2 σ2 efs ?).
destruct (Hstep σ1 e2 σ2 efs); auto; subst.
iVs "Hclose"; iVsIntro. iFrame "Hσ". iApply "H"; auto.
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ Lemma wp_lift_atomic_step {E Φ} e1 σ1 :
iIntros (Hatomic ?) "[Hσ H]".
iApply (wp_lift_step E _ e1); eauto using reducible_not_val.
iApply pvs_intro'; [set_solver|iIntros "Hclose"].
iVs (pvs_intro_mask' E ) as "Hclose"; first set_solver. iVsIntro.
iExists σ1. iFrame "Hσ"; iSplit; eauto.
iNext; iIntros (e2 σ2 efs) "[% Hσ]".
edestruct (Hatomic σ1 e2 σ2 efs) as [v2 <-%of_to_val]; eauto.
......@@ -99,6 +99,8 @@ Proof. intros P Q; apply pvs_mono. Qed.
Lemma pvs_intro E P : P ={E}=> P.
Proof. iIntros "HP". by iApply rvs_pvs. Qed.
Lemma pvs_intro_mask' E1 E2 : E2 E1 True |={E1,E2}=> |={E2,E1}=> True.
Proof. exact: pvs_intro_mask. Qed.
Lemma pvs_except_last E1 E2 P : (|={E1,E2}=> P) ={E1,E2}=> P.
Proof. by rewrite {1}(pvs_intro E2 P) except_last_pvs pvs_trans. Qed.
......@@ -109,11 +111,6 @@ Proof. by rewrite pvs_frame_l wand_elim_l. Qed.
Lemma pvs_wand_r E1 E2 P Q : (|={E1,E2}=> P) (P - Q) ={E1,E2}=> Q.
Proof. by rewrite pvs_frame_r wand_elim_r. Qed.
Lemma pvs_intro' E1 E2 P : E2 E1 ((|={E2,E1}=> True) - P) ={E1,E2}=> P.
iIntros (?) "Hw". iApply pvs_wand_l. iFrame. by iApply pvs_intro_mask.
Lemma pvs_trans_frame E1 E2 E3 P Q :
((Q ={E2,E3}= True) |={E1,E2}=> (Q P)) ={E1,E3}=> P.
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ Proof.
{ iDestruct "Hv" as (v) "[% Hv]". iExists v; iSplit; first done.
iApply ("HΦ" with "==>[-]"). by iApply (pvs_mask_mono E1 _). }
iSplit; [done|]; iIntros (σ1) "Hσ".
iApply (pvs_trans _ E1); iApply pvs_intro'; auto. iIntros "Hclose".
iVs (pvs_intro_mask' E2 E1) as "Hclose"; first done.
iVs ("H" $! σ1 with "Hσ") as "[$ H]".
iVsIntro. iNext. iIntros (e2 σ2 efs Hstep).
iVs ("H" $! _ σ2 efs with "[#]") as "($ & H & $)"; auto.
......@@ -125,18 +125,15 @@ Section user.
(* open the invariant *)
iInv N as (x') ">Hl'" "Hclose".
(* mask magic *)
iApply pvs_intro'.
iVs (pvs_intro_mask' _ heapN) as "Hclose'".
{ apply ndisj_subseteq_difference; auto. }
iIntros "Hvs".
iExists x'.
iFrame "Hl'".
iVsIntro. iExists x'. iFrame "Hl'". iSplit.
+ (* provide a way to rollback *)
iIntros "Hl'".
iVs "Hvs". iVs ("Hclose" with "[Hl']"); eauto.
iVs "Hclose'". iVs ("Hclose" with "[Hl']"); eauto.
+ (* provide a way to commit *)
iIntros (v) "[Heq Hl']".
iVs "Hvs". iVs ("Hclose" with "[Hl']"); eauto.
iVs "Hclose'". iVs ("Hclose" with "[Hl']"); eauto.
- iDestruct "Hincr" as "#HIncr".
iSplitL; [|iSplitL]; try (iApply wp_wand_r;iSplitL; [by iApply "HIncr"|auto]).
iIntros (v1 v2) "_ !>".
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