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prove sts.opened; state sts.closing

parent 56029dd6
......@@ -77,6 +77,8 @@ Proof.
Lemma own_valid_r γ a : own i γ a (own i γ a a).
Proof. apply (uPred.always_entails_r _ _), own_valid. Qed.
Lemma own_valid_l γ a : own i γ a ( a own i γ a).
Proof. by rewrite comm -own_valid_r. Qed.
Global Instance own_timeless γ a : Timeless a TimelessP (own i γ a).
Proof. unfold own; apply _. Qed.
......@@ -20,12 +20,13 @@ Arguments Sts : clear implicits.
Class InG Λ Σ (i : gid) {A B} (sts : Sts A B) := {
inG :> ghost_ownership.InG Λ Σ i (stsRA sts.(st) sts.(tok));
inh :> Inhabited A;
Section definitions.
Context {Λ Σ A B} (i : gid) (sts : Sts A B) `{!InG Λ Σ i sts} (γ : gname).
Definition inv (φ : A iPropG Λ Σ) : iPropG Λ Σ :=
( s, own i γ (sts_auth sts.(st) sts.(tok) s set_empty) φ s)%I.
( s, own i γ (sts_auth sts.(st) sts.(tok) s ) φ s)%I.
Definition states (S : set A) (T: set B) : iPropG Λ Σ :=
( closed sts.(st) sts.(tok) S T
own i γ (sts_frag sts.(st) sts.(tok) S T))%I.
......@@ -67,6 +68,33 @@ Section sts.
by rewrite always_and_sep_l.
Lemma opened E γ S T :
( inv StsI sts γ φ own StsI γ (sts_frag sts.(st) sts.(tok) S T))
pvs E E ( s, (s S) φ s own StsI γ (sts_auth sts.(st) sts.(tok) s T)).
rewrite /inv. rewrite later_exist sep_exist_r. apply exist_elim=>s.
rewrite later_sep pvs_timeless !pvs_frame_r. apply pvs_mono.
rewrite -(exist_intro s).
rewrite [(_ ▷φ _)%I]comm -!assoc -own_op -[(▷φ _ _)%I]comm.
rewrite own_valid_l discrete_validI.
rewrite -!assoc. apply const_elim_sep_l=>-[? [Hcl Hdisj]]. simpl in Hdisj, Hcl.
inversion_clear Hdisj. rewrite const_equiv // left_id.
rewrite comm. apply sep_mono; first done.
apply equiv_spec, own_proper. split; first split; simpl.
- intros Hdisj. split_ands; first by solve_elem_of-.
+ done.
+ constructor; [done | solve_elem_of-].
- intros _. by eapply closed_disjoint.
- intros _. constructor. solve_elem_of-.
Lemma closing E γ s T s' S' T' :
step sts.(st) sts.(tok) (s, T) (s', T') s' S' closed sts.(st) sts.(tok) S' T'
( φ s' own StsI γ (sts_auth sts.(st) sts.(tok) s T))
pvs E E ( inv StsI sts γ φ own StsI γ (sts_frag sts.(st) sts.(tok) S' T')).
End sts.
End sts.
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