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Added naming conventions for definitions to naming.txt

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------------------ Naming conventions for variables/arguments/hypotheses in the Coq development ------------------
== small letters ==
a : A : cmraT or cofeT
b : B : cmraT or cofeT
......@@ -63,3 +65,14 @@ Z : sets
== capital greek letters ==
Φ : general predicate (over uPred, iProp or Prop)
Ψ : general predicate (over uPred, iProp or Prop)
------------------ Naming conventions for definitions in the Coq development ------------------
== Postfixes (may be combined) ==
R: resource algebras and cameras
F: functors
UR: unital cameras or resources algebras
T: canonical structurs with extra algebraic structure (for example ofeT for OFEs, cmraT for cameras)
G: global camera functor management
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