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prove a variant of wp_invariance that does not require finding fupd_intro_mask'

parent 42f0842f
From stdpp Require Import namespaces.
From iris.program_logic Require Export weakestpre.
From iris.algebra Require Import gmap auth agree gset coPset.
From iris.base_logic.lib Require Import wsat.
......@@ -203,3 +204,20 @@ Proof.
iDestruct "Hwp" as (Istate) "(HIstate & Hwp & Hclose)".
iApply (@wptp_invariance _ _ (IrisG _ _ Hinv Istate)); eauto with iFrame.
(* An equivalent version that does not require finding [fupd_intro_mask'], but
can be confusing to use. *)
Corollary wp_invariance' Σ Λ `{invPreG Σ} s e σ1 t2 σ2 φ :
( `{Hinv : invG Σ},
(|={}=> stateI : state Λ iProp Σ,
let _ : irisG Λ Σ := IrisG _ _ Hinv stateI in
stateI σ1 WP e @ s; {{ _, True }} (stateI σ2 - E, |={,E}=> ⌜φ⌝))%I)
rtc step ([e], σ1) (t2, σ2)
intros Hwp. eapply wp_invariance; first done.
intros Hinv. iMod (Hwp Hinv) as (stateI) "(? & ? & Hφ)".
iModIntro. iExists stateI. iFrame. iIntros "Hσ".
iDestruct ("Hφ" with "Hσ") as (E) ">Hφ".
iMod (fupd_intro_mask') as "_"; last by iModIntro. solve_ndisj.
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