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......@@ -5,6 +5,10 @@ API-breaking change is listed.
Coq 8.12 is newly supported by this release, and Coq 8.7 is no longer supported.
This release of std++ received contributions by Gregory Malecha, Michael
Sammler, Olivier Laurent, Paolo G. Giarrusso, Ralf Jung, Robbert Krebbers,
sarahzrf, and Tej Chajed.
- Rename `Z2Nat_inj_div` and `Z2Nat_inj_mod` to `Nat2Z_inj_div` and
`Nat2Z_inj_mod` to follow the naming convention of `Nat2Z` and
`Z2Nat`. Re-purpose the names `Z2Nat_inj_div` and `Z2Nat_inj_mod` for be the
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