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Remove duplicate mem_allocable notion.

parent 8734dd1c
......@@ -430,16 +430,19 @@ End more_quantifiers.
(** * Fresh elements *)
(** We collect some properties on the [fresh] operation. In particular we
generalize [fresh] to generate lists of fresh elements. *)
Section fresh.
Context `{FreshSpec A C} .
Definition fresh_sig (X : C) : { x : A | x X } :=
exist ( X) (fresh X) (is_fresh X).
Fixpoint fresh_list (n : nat) (X : C) : list A :=
Fixpoint fresh_list `{Fresh A C, Union C, Singleton A C}
(n : nat) (X : C) : list A :=
match n with
| 0 => []
| S n => let x := fresh X in x :: fresh_list n ({[ x ]} X)
Inductive Forall_fresh `{ElemOf A C} (X : C) : list A Prop :=
| Forall_fresh_nil : Forall_fresh X []
| Forall_fresh_cons x xs :
x xs x X Forall_fresh X xs Forall_fresh X (x :: xs).
Section fresh.
Context `{FreshSpec A C}.
Global Instance fresh_proper: Proper (() ==> (=)) fresh.
Proof. intros ???. by apply fresh_proper_alt, elem_of_equiv. Qed.
......@@ -448,18 +451,38 @@ Section fresh.
intros ? n ->. induction n as [|n IH]; intros ?? E; f_equal'; [by rewrite E|].
apply IH. by rewrite E.
Lemma Forall_fresh_NoDup X xs : Forall_fresh X xs NoDup xs.
Proof. induction 1; by constructor. Qed.
Lemma Forall_fresh_elem_of X xs x : Forall_fresh X xs x xs x X.
intros HX; revert x; rewrite <-Forall_forall.
by induction HX; constructor.
Lemma Forall_fresh_alt X xs :
Forall_fresh X xs NoDup xs x, x xs x X.
split; eauto using Forall_fresh_NoDup, Forall_fresh_elem_of.
rewrite <-Forall_forall.
intros [Hxs Hxs']. induction Hxs; decompose_Forall_hyps; constructor; auto.
Lemma fresh_list_length n X : length (fresh_list n X) = n.
Proof. revert X. induction n; simpl; auto. Qed.
Lemma fresh_list_is_fresh n X x : x fresh_list n X x X.
revert X. induction n as [|n IH]; intros X; simpl; [by rewrite elem_of_nil|].
revert X. induction n as [|n IH]; intros X; simpl;[by rewrite elem_of_nil|].
rewrite elem_of_cons; intros [->| Hin]; [apply is_fresh|].
apply IH in Hin; solve_elem_of.
Lemma fresh_list_nodup n X : NoDup (fresh_list n X).
Lemma NoDup_fresh_list n X : NoDup (fresh_list n X).
revert X. induction n; simpl; constructor; auto.
intros Hin. apply fresh_list_is_fresh in Hin. solve_elem_of.
intros Hin; apply fresh_list_is_fresh in Hin; solve_elem_of.
Lemma Forall_fresh_list X n : Forall_fresh X (fresh_list n X).
rewrite Forall_fresh_alt; eauto using NoDup_fresh_list, fresh_list_is_fresh.
End fresh.
......@@ -44,6 +44,12 @@ Proof.
intros E. apply map_empty. intros. apply not_elem_of_dom.
rewrite E. solve_elem_of.
Lemma dom_alter {A} f (m : M A) i : dom D (alter f i m) dom D m.
apply elem_of_equiv; intros j; rewrite !elem_of_dom; unfold is_Some.
destruct (decide (i = j)); simplify_map_equality'; eauto.
destruct (m !! j); naive_solver.
Lemma dom_insert {A} (m : M A) i x : dom D (<[i:=x]>m) {[ i ]} dom D m.
apply elem_of_equiv. intros j. rewrite elem_of_union, !elem_of_dom.
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