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    Various `omap` lemmas for finite maps; generalize `map_size_{insert,delete}` · 0b4f16bf
    Robbert Krebbers authored and Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung committed
    * Add lemma `map_omap_union`.
    * Add lemmas `map_disjoint_fmap` and `map_disjoint_omap`.
    * Add lemmas `fmap_merge` and `omap_merge`.
    * Add lemma `omap_delete`.
    * Generalize `omap_insert` and `omap_singleton` to cover both the `Some` and `None` case. Add `_Some` and `_None` versions of the lemmas for the specific cases.
    * Generalize `map_size_insert` and `map_size_delete` in the same way.
    * Add lemmas `lookup_fmap_Some`, `lookup_omap_Some`, and `lookup_omap_id_Some`.
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