Commit 3266aca9 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers


parent 1ad13e1b
......@@ -245,10 +245,10 @@ Section refinement.
Local Instance oloc_to_val_inj : Inj (=) (=) oloc_to_val.
Proof. intros [|][|]; simpl; congruence. Qed.
Notation D := (olocO -n> valO -n> iProp Σ).
Notation D := (olocO -d> valO -d> iProp Σ).
Program Definition stack_link_pre : D -> D := λ S, λne ol v2,
match ol with
Definition stack_link_pre : D D := λ S ol v2,
match ol return _ with
| None => v2 = NONEV
| Some l => (h : val) (t : option loc) (h' t' : val),
v2 = SOMEV (h', t')
......@@ -258,13 +258,9 @@ Section refinement.
Global Instance stack_link_pre_contractive : Contractive stack_link_pre.
solve_proper_prepare. destruct x0; last done.
repeat (first [eassumption | f_contractive | f_equiv]).
intros n S1 S2 HS. solve_proper_prepare.
repeat (first [apply HS | f_contractive | f_equiv]).
Global Instance stack_link_pre_ne : NonExpansive stack_link_pre.
Proof. apply contractive_ne, _. Qed.
Definition stack_link := fixpoint stack_link_pre.
Lemma stack_link_unfold ol v2 :
......@@ -276,12 +272,7 @@ Section refinement.
( q, l {q} (h, oloc_to_val t))
lrel_int h h' stack_link t t'
rewrite {1}/stack_link.
transitivity (stack_link_pre (fixpoint stack_link_pre) ol v2).
{ f_equiv. f_equiv. apply fixpoint_unfold. }
destruct ol; reflexivity.
Proof. apply (fixpoint_unfold stack_link_pre). Qed.
Lemma stack_link_empty : stack_link None NILV.
Proof. rewrite stack_link_unfold; by iPureIntro. Qed.
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