Commit 389bbaa3 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung

update CI and build system

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......@@ -19,17 +19,5 @@
# Add new target quick2vo to (a) run "make quick" with the same number of jobs, ensuring
# that the .vio files are up-to-date, and (b) only schedule vio2vo for those
# files where the .vo is *older* than the .vio.
/^vio2vo:/ {
print "quick2vo:";
print "\t@make -j $(J) quick"
print "\t@VIOFILES=$$(for vofile in $(VOFILES); do viofile=\"$$(echo \"$$vofile\" | sed \"s/\\.vo/.vio/\")\"; if [ \"$$vofile\" -ot \"$$viofile\" -o ! -e \"$$vofile\" ]; then echo -n \"$$viofile \"; fi; done); \\"
print "\t echo \"VIO2VO: $$VIOFILES\"; \\"
print "\t if [ -n \"$$VIOFILES\" ]; then $(TIMER) $(COQC) $(COQDEBUG) $(COQFLAGS) -schedule-vio2vo $(J) $$VIOFILES; fi"
print ".PHONY: quick2vo"
# This forwards all unchanged lines
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Subproject commit d2edcd474159cc883d09c0a08dbd463c2d2780df
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