Commit c34388ea authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung

test performance without typeclasses opaque

parent 761e3110
......@@ -200,9 +200,10 @@ Notation "&{ κ , i } P" := (idx_bor κ i P)
Infix "⊑" := lft_incl (at level 70) : uPred_scope.
Typeclasses Opaque lft_tok lft_dead bor_cnt lft_bor_alive lft_bor_dead
Typeclasses Opaque lft_inv_alive lft_vs_inv lft_vs lft_incl.
(*Typeclasses Opaque lft_tok lft_dead bor_cnt lft_bor_alive lft_bor_dead
lft_inh lft_inv_alive lft_vs_inv lft_vs lft_inv_dead lft_inv lft_incl
idx_bor_own idx_bor raw_bor bor.
idx_bor_own idx_bor raw_bor bor.*)
Section basic_properties.
Context `{invG Σ, lftG Σ}.
......@@ -393,7 +393,9 @@ Lemma lft_inh_extend E κ P Q :
( Q', lft_inh κ true Q' ={E}= Q'',
(Q' (P Q'')) P lft_inh κ true Q'').
rewrite {1}/lft_inh. iDestruct 1 as (PE) "[>HE Hbox]".
iIntros (?) "H".
Set Typeclasses Debug.
unfold lft_inh. iDestruct "H" as (PE) "[>HE Hbox]".
iMod (slice_insert_empty _ _ true _ P with "Hbox")
as (γE) "(% & #Hslice & Hbox)".
iMod (own_inh_update with "HE") as "[HE HE◯]".
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