Commit b15312b6 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung

fix for std++/Iris name overlap

parent a6b87eb4
Pipeline #26342 passed with stage
in 29 minutes and 43 seconds
......@@ -172,10 +172,10 @@ Section typing.
iDestruct ("Hcons" with "[$]") as "#(HE & Htys & Hty)".
iApply ("Hf" with "LFT HE Htl HL [HC] [HT]").
- unfold cctx_interp. iIntros (elt) "Helt".
iDestruct "Helt" as %->%elem_of_list_singleton. iIntros (ret) "Htl HL HT".
iDestruct "Helt" as %->%stdpp.list.elem_of_list_singleton. iIntros (ret) "Htl HL HT".
unfold cctx_elt_interp.
iApply ("HC" $! (_ cont(_, _)) with "[%] Htl HL [> -]").
{ by apply elem_of_list_singleton. }
{ by apply stdpp.list.elem_of_list_singleton. }
rewrite /tctx_interp !big_sepL_singleton /=.
iDestruct "HT" as (v) "[HP Hown]". iExists v. iFrame "HP".
iDestruct (box_type_incl with "[$Hty]") as "(_ & #Hincl & _)".
......@@ -280,7 +280,7 @@ Section typing.
iApply lft_intersect_incl_r.
+ iSplitL; last done. iExists ϝ. iSplit; first by rewrite /= left_id.
iFrame "#∗".
+ iIntros (y) "IN". iDestruct "IN" as %->%elem_of_list_singleton.
+ iIntros (y) "IN". iDestruct "IN" as %->%stdpp.list.elem_of_list_singleton.
iIntros (args) "Htl [Hϝ _] [Hret _]". inv_vec args=>r.
iDestruct "Hϝ" as (κ') "(EQ & Htk & _)". iDestruct "EQ" as %EQ.
rewrite /= left_id in EQ. subst κ'. simpl. wp_rec. wp_bind Endlft.
......@@ -328,7 +328,7 @@ Section typing.
iMod (lctx_lft_alive_tok_list _ _ κs with "HE HL") as (q) "(Hκs & HL & Hclose)"; [done..|].
iApply (type_call_iris' with "LFT HE Htl HL Hκs Hf Hargs"); [done|].
iIntros (r) "Htl HL Hκs Hret". iMod ("Hclose" with "Hκs HL") as "HL".
iSpecialize ("HC" with "[]"); first by (iPureIntro; apply elem_of_list_singleton).
iSpecialize ("HC" with "[]"); first by (iPureIntro; apply stdpp.list.elem_of_list_singleton).
iApply ("HC" $! [#r] with "Htl HL").
rewrite tctx_interp_cons tctx_hasty_val. iFrame.
......@@ -348,7 +348,7 @@ Section typing.
intros Hfn HL HE HTT' HC HT'T''.
rewrite -typed_body_mono /flip; last done; first by eapply type_call'.
- etrans. eapply (incl_cctx_incl _ [_]); first by intros ? ->%elem_of_list_singleton.
- etrans. eapply (incl_cctx_incl _ [_]); first by intros ? ->%stdpp.list.elem_of_list_singleton.
apply cctx_incl_cons_match; first done. intros args. by inv_vec args.
- etrans; last by apply (tctx_incl_frame_l [_]).
apply copy_elem_of_tctx_incl; last done. apply _.
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