Make specialization patterns for persistent premises more uniform.

- We no longer have a different syntax for specializing a term H : P -★ Q whose
  range P or domain Q is persistent. There is just one syntax, and the system
  automatically determines whether either P or Q is persistent.
- While specializing a term, always modalities are automatically stripped. This
  gets rid of the specialization pattern !.
- Make the syntax of specialization patterns more consistent. The syntax for
  generating a goal is [goal_spec] where goal_spec is one of the following:

    H1 .. Hn : generate a goal using hypotheses H1 .. Hn
   -H1 .. Hn : generate a goal using all hypotheses but H1 .. Hn
           # : generate a goal for the premise in which all hypotheses can be
               used. This is only allowed when specializing H : P -★ Q where
               either P or Q is persistent.
           % : generate a goal for a pure premise.
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