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      Mutual Banach's fixpoint. · 91452d8a
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      Merge branch 'contractive' into 'master' · 5dab83f7
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      New definition of contractive.
      The current notion of `Contractive` does not allow one to deal with functions with multiple arguments, for example, binary functions that are contractive in both arguments (like `lft_vs` in lambdarust), or binary functions that are contractive in one of their arguments.
      To that end, I propose I reformulate the notion of `Contractive` so that we can express being contractive using a `Proper`. The new definition is:
          Definition dist_later {A : ofeT} (n : nat) (x y : A) : Prop :=
            match n with 0 => True | S n => x ≡{n}≡ y end.
          Notation Contractive f := (∀ n, Proper (dist_later n ==> dist n) f).
      Also, it turns out that using this definition we can implement a `solve_contractive` tactic in the same way as the `solve_proper` tactic.
      Unfortunately, the new tactic does not quite work for the weakest precondition connective in Iris because the proof involves induction, and the induction hypothesis does not quite fit into the new `solve_contractive` tactic.
      See merge request !32
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      New definition of contractive. · 176a588c
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      Using this new definition we can express being contractive using a
      Proper. This has the following advantages:
      - It makes it easier to state that a function with multiple arguments
        is contractive (in all or some arguments).
      - A solve_contractive tactic can be implemented by extending the
        solve_proper tactic.
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      Internal definition of contractive and use it to prove internal_eq_rewrite. · ecd304f2
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      This removes Ralf's hack of using later_car, which is not function in the logic.
      Thanks to Aleš for suggesting this.
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      docs: update agreement construction · ab25b956
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      update documentation for the new OFE story · 0dd40006
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