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Deallocation is a local update.

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......@@ -334,9 +334,18 @@ Qed.
End freshness.
(* Allocation is a local update: Just use composition with a singleton map. *)
(* Deallocation is *not* a local update. The trouble is that if we
own {[ i ↦ x ]}, then the frame could always own "core x", and prevent
deallocation. *)
Global Instance gmap_delete_update :
LocalUpdate (λ m, x, m !! i = Some x y, ¬ {0} (x y)) (delete i).
split; first apply _.
intros n m1 m2 (x&Hix&Hv) Hm j; destruct (decide (i = j)) as [<-|].
- rewrite lookup_delete !lookup_op lookup_delete.
case Hiy: (m2 !! i)=> [y|]; last constructor.
destruct (Hv y); apply cmra_validN_le with n; last omega.
move: (Hm i). by rewrite lookup_op Hix Hiy.
- by rewrite lookup_op !lookup_delete_ne // lookup_op.
(* Applying a local update at a position we own is a local update. *)
Global Instance gmap_alter_update `{!LocalUpdate Lv L} i :
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