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document the RA model briefly

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......@@ -42,6 +42,16 @@ Section bi_mixin.
Local Notation "x ≡ y" := (sbi_internal_eq _ x y).
Local Notation "▷ P" := (sbi_later P).
(** * Axioms for a general BI (logic of bunched implications) *)
(** The following axioms are satisifed by both affine and linear BIs, and BIs
that combine both kinds of resources. In particular, we have an "ordered RA"
model satisfying all these axioms. For this model, we extend RAs with an
arbitrary partial order, and up-close resources wrt. that order (instead of
extension order). We demand composition to be monotone wrt. the order. We
define [emp := λ r, ε ≼ r]; persisently is still defined with the core: [□ P
:= λ r, P (core r)]. *)
Record BiMixin := {
bi_mixin_entails_po : PreOrder bi_entails;
bi_mixin_equiv_spec P Q : equiv P Q (P Q) (Q P);
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