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Robbert Krebbers <>.
* The folder [algebra](algebra) contains the COFE and CMRA constructions as well
as the solver for recursive domain equations.
* The folder [program_logic](program_logic) builds the semantic domain of Iris,
defines and verifies primitive view shifts and weakest preconditions, and
builds some language-independent derived constructions (e.g., STSs).
* The folder [base_logic](base_logic) defines the Iris base logic and the
primitive connectives. It also contains derived constructions that are
entirely independent of the choice of resources.
* The folder [program_logic](program_logic) specializes the base logic to build
Iris, the program logic. Most crucially, this includes world satisfaction
and weakest preconditions. Furthermore, some language-independent derived
constructions (e.g., STSs) are defined in this folder.
* The folder [heap_lang](heap_lang) defines the ML-like concurrent heap language
* The subfolder [lib](heap_lang/lib) contains a few derived constructions
within this language, e.g., parallel composition.
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## Documentation
A LaTeX version of the core logic definitions and some derived forms is
available in [docs/iris.tex](docs/iris.tex).
available in [docs/iris.tex](docs/iris.tex). A compiled PDF version of this
document is [](available online).
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