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add some redundant parens

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......@@ -386,7 +386,7 @@ We first lift the transition relation to $\STSS \times \wp(\STST)$ (implementing
We further define \emph{closed} sets of states (given a particular set of tokens) as well as the \emph{closure} of a set:
\STSclsd(S, T) \eqdef{}& \All s \in S. \STSL(s) \disj T \land \All s'. s \stsfstep{T} s' \Ra s' \in S \\
\STSclsd(S, T) \eqdef{}& \All s \in S. \STSL(s) \disj T \land \left(\All s'. s \stsfstep{T} s' \Ra s' \in S\right) \\
\upclose(S, T) \eqdef{}& \setComp{ s' \in \STSS}{\Exists s \in S. s \stsftrans{T} s' }
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